Welcome to Retrocraft!

Welcome to Retrocraft, a blog all about reusing and recycling with a purpose!  You won't find caterpillars made from paper towel rolls here.  There's no point to reuse and recycle if it still winds up in the trash.  My blog is dedicated to sharing great ideas for recycling items into new practical items that you WILL use, gift and share with others. 

My grandmother is my first inspiration for starting Retrocraft.  As retired art teacher from the Philippines, my grandmother shared her many crafting ideas with me.  Growing up in a country that did not have the benefit of our many western innovations taught my grandmother to be creative and resourceful at a young age.  With her ingenuity, she learned to make generic household items - most of which we would discard - into personal keepsakes, storage, gifts and other practical items.  In their new lives, my grandmother's recycled art had a much longer life and a more meaningful purpose. 

My children are my other inspiration for this blog.  As a parent, I want to share with my children the wonderful things I've learned from my own parents and grandparents.  As a working mom, I also crave activities that allow me to make the most of the time I spend with my children.  By sharing art and ideas with my children, I will not only pass on these ideas but I hope also to ignite their own creativity and create lasting memories.  But there's no reason to keep this all to myself!  Join me and share these wonderful ideas with your own children, inspire them to think outside of the box and to make full use of the things their world has to offer them.