Sunday, January 17, 2016


Hey guys! today we will be making a memory box. If you don't know what a memory box is, its a box where you put
items or pictures from special moments.

You will need:
crafting scissors
decorative items
tape or glue

 First glue or tape fabric or paper to the front of the box.
Then to another side of the box tape or glue fabric or paper, then repeat on the other sides.

TIP: Taping was easier for me so I recommend tape instead of glue

Then tape or glue fabric or paper to the corners of the box.
  Then use crafting scissors to cut out the word memory.
            Have fun and be creative!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

LittlestPetShop Electronic Devices

 Hi, I'm Anna and I am taking over RETROCRAFT!!!
So, for my first post I am making LPS iPhones and an iPad.
If you have a kid who is 6-17 and a girl and collects Littlest Pet Shops, you might want to make this just for her. This craft is an easy craft, so, you can make this with your kid.

You will need :
1.printed pictures of iPads and iPhones 
(front and back),
 2.Card board or a magnet,
 3. Scissors
4. Tacky glue 

Choose the iPhones and iPads that you want and print them.
Tip: Get ones with a cover to make it look cooler .

Next, cut them out. It's ok if you cut off some of it.

Cut your card board or magnet
 the same size as your picture

   Now put on the glue and stick your pictures on. Make sure you don't put the screen on upside down!                                     

And now your done!

WARNING: Don't Get wet!

Thank you !

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Owl Themed Party Gift Bags

Last week I made owl themed party invitations for my daughter's seventh birthday. So, it was only a matter of time before I would need to make owl themed party favors. For this week's tutorial, I'll teach you how to make these really cute owl themed party gift bags.

To make one bag you will need:
Solid color card stock
Patterned card stock in colors complementary to your solid color card stock
A lunch size paper sack
White or cream colored card stock
Orange, brown or deep yellow card stock
An oval cutting system (or oval template) that will make an oval at least 6" long and another 4-5" long
A circle punch (or circle template) that will make a 1.5" diameter circle
A circle punch (or circle template) that will make a 1/2" diameter circle
A square punch (or square template) that will make a small square that is 3/4" long on each side
A square punch (or square template) that will make a small square that is 1 1/4" long on each side
Glue or glue stick

Using your 6" oval cutting system, cut one oval from the patterened card stock; this will be the owl's body. Paste the body on one side of the gift bag, doing your best to center the body. Cut a 4-5" oval from the coordinating solid color card stock. Fold the smaller oval in half lengthwise. Open the oval and cut along the fold. These will be the wings. Paste the wing pieces along each side of the body (apply the glue to the straight edge since the curved edge will likely hang over the side of the gift bag).

Punch two 1 1/4" squares from the yellow (orange or brown, whichever you choose) card stock and cut each in half to create triangles. Paste two triangles on the top of the body to create ears. Reserve one of the triangles for the brow and the other for the beak.

Punch two 3/4" squares out of the same card stock and cut each in half to create triangles. Cut each triangle in half again. Then cut the resulting triangles in half one more time. Each square will make 8 smaller triangles. Paste three of these smaller triangles on the bottom left side of the body, overlapping the triangles slightly, with center points facing toward the left. These are the left talons. Paste another three small triangles on the bottom right side of the body, overlapping slightly with center points facing right to form the right talons.

Punch two 1.5" diam. circles out of the white/cream card stock. Paste the circles below the ears to form the eyes. Punch two 1/2" diam. circles out of the solid color card stock (to match the wings) and paste these onto the white circles to form the irises. Now that you have eyes, paste one of your larger triangles (the brow piece) between the top of the eyes, with the center point facing downward. Paste the other triangle (the beak) between the bottom of the eyes, sliding the left and right points under the eyes and keeping the center point facing downward.

That's it! You have a cute gift bag for all those party favors! Again, this is more DIY than upcycle but I'm sure you can find sone ways to incorporate recyclables. This was a great way for me to use up scrapbook paper scraps that I've been accumulating for years. But you can also use book or magazine pages or fabric from old clothes. If you use thick card stock you can create a 3D type effect by applying glue only the center of the eye, ear and brow pieces. Embellish with glitter, beads or buttons or write a cute message on the bag. If you are creative, these bags will be a hoot!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Owl-Theme Cards

I love owls and so does my daughter.  So, this year, for her 7th birthday, we are having an owl-themed party.  While owls are quite popular these days, the owl-themed party supplies at our local store left a lot to be desired.  So, after going on Pinterest and seeing samples of many owl-themed cupcakes, cards and crafts, I decided we could make our own owl-themed invites.  Our invites came out so good - and this project was so easy - that I just had to write a tutorial for this blog.

To make one card, you will need:
Solid color card stock, in a color that you can write on so that your ink can be seen
Patterned card stock in colors complementary to your solid color card stock
White card stock
Black card stock
Orange, brown or deep yellow card stock
An oval cutting system (or oval template) that will make an oval at least 6" long
A circle punch (or circle template) that will make a circle the size of a half dollar
A circle punch (or circle template) that will make a circle the size of a dime
A square punch (or square template) that will make a small square (about 3/4" long on each side)
Glue or glue stick

Using your oval cutting system, cut one oval from the solid color card stock; this will be the owl's body.  Cut another oval from the patterned card stock.  Using your oval cutting system, cut out a small curved piece from the top (narrow end) of the solid colored oval body.  This will form the ears of the owl.  Also use your oval cutting system to cut out two long, narrow curved pieces from each long side of the patterned oval.  (See the photo.)  These long, narrow pieces will be the wings.  Paste the long, narrow, patterned wing pieces along each side of your solid color oval body. 

Punch two half-dollar sized circles out of your white card stock.  Punch two dime-sized circles out of your black card stock.  These will be used to form the eyes.  Paste the white circles side by side about a 1/2" below the top of your oval body, below the ears.  Paste one black circle on the top of each white circle, positioning the black circles where you like to get the desired "look".  Punch a square from your orange, brown or yellow card stock.  Cut the square in half to form two triangles.  We will use one triangle for the owl beak.  Paste the triangle upside down (point toward the bottom of the oval body), right below the eyes.   

Viola!  You are done.  In only a few short steps, you have a cute owl card that you can use for a variety of occasions.  We made ours for party invites, but these will also work well for thank you cards after the party.  If I'm in a crafting mood, maybe I'll make a few more for simple note cards. 

Now you probably think that this project is more DIY than upcycle.  But, this could easily become an upcycle project with a little imagination.  Try using book pages, gift wrap, gift bags or old school papers for a unique look.   Instead of cards, use these as bookmarks or in a child's mobile.  Instead of paper, try web-backed fabric for a fun t-shirt patch or blanket applique. The possibilities are endless.  I'm sure the rest of the owl-lovers are already dreaming up new ideas for this one.  Enjoy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Heart shaped crayons

I've recently joined Pinterest and found many great ideas to recycle old crayons. My favorite idea is from Martha Stewart ... Heart shaped crayon. This is a very easy project using old crayons, a silicone baking tray and your oven. It only takes 30 minutes and the kids can help. That's my definition of a perfect project!

You can mix all colors together for multicolored crayons.  If you want, you can choose your crayon colors to suit a desired color scheme (e.g., use red, pink and white crayons for Valentine's Day themed crayons; red and green for Christmas crayons; or orange and black for Halloween).  You can also mold your crayons in a variety of shapes.  Your choices are only limited by the available selection of silicone molds at your local gourmet shop or craft store. 

You'll need the following:

Old crayons, peeled from their wrappers (select colors to suit your desired color scheme)
A self healing mat or cutting board
A chef's knife
A large bowl
A silicon mini muffin mold (mine makes 24 mini hearts)
A cookie sheet or sheet pan.

Preheat your oven to 150.  Place your silicon mold on top of a cookie sheet and set aside.  While the oven is heating, chop your old crayons into small bits using your chef's knife and self healing mat.  Transfer chopped crayons to a large bowl.  (You can separate your crayon bits by color if you want to make crayons in a variety of color combinations.) 

When you have chopped a fair amount, spoon the crayon bits into each well of your muffin mold (keeping the mold on top of the cookie sheet).  Be sure to add enough of each color to get your desired color combination.  (I went for a multicolored look and made sure every mold had a nice selection of colors.)  Fill each well to the top; otherwise your crayons may be too thin.
When you've filled the desired number of wells, put your mold in the oven.  (It is important to carry the mold to the oven on top of the cookie sheet, to keep your mold flat.  Otherwise, your crayons (and later the melted wax) may spill.  Bake the filled mold at 150 degrees for 15-20 minutes, until the crayons melt.   When the crayons are melted, remove your mold from the oven.  (Again, keep the mold on the cookie sheet!)  Set the mold aside to cool.  The mold cools pretty quickly. 

When completely cooled, remove the crayons from the mold by carefully pushing on the underside of each well.  If you are having difficulty removing the crayons, try cooling the mold in the freezer first for 20 minutes to an hour. 

These crayons are easy to make ... and economical!  These are great giveaways for any occasion.  The variety of colors you can use means you can give these all year round.  Even parents will think they're fun!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mini-Melon Bag

It's been a while since my last post, but that doesn't mean I have been short on ideas!  Today's Retrocraft uses one of my favorite recyclables - CDs!!!  This mini-handbag is perfect for little girls, especially as we move into the summer months.  What goes great with summer?  Watermelon, of course!

To get started, you will need the following:
A used CD (now that my taxes are filed, I used my TurboTax CD)
Scrap paper
Black felt tip pen or marker
Utility knife
Cardboard (like the kind you get from a cereal box)
Felt in green, white and pink
Wide nail
Decorative rope (I harvested mine from an old gift bag)

Start by cutting your CD in half.  To figure out the location of the CD's midline, lay the CD on the top of your scrap paper and trace around the outer edge using your felt tip pen.  Cut out the circle using your scissor.  Fold the circle exactly in half, lining up the edges.  Lay the paper half circle on top of the CD, again, lining up the edges.  Using your felt tip pen, trace the straight edge of the paper to mark the midline of the CD.  Use your ruler and craft knife to separate the CD into 2 halves.  This will take several passes with your knife.  You may also need to bend the CD to crack it along the score line. 

Measure the arc of one of the CD halves.  Make note of the measurement.  Cut a strip of cardboard whose length is equal the measurement you've just taken; the width will be two inches.  Draw a line along the length of the cardboard that is 1/2" from the left edge.  Draw a similar line along 1/2" from the right edge.  Using the back edge of your utility knife blade, score each line to make it easy to fold.  Fold each edge toward the center of the cardboard length.  Using your scissor, cut along both edges every 1/2" (see photo.)

Working with one edge of the cardboard, apply glue to the first few "tabs" you have just created.  Position the cardboard around the arc of one of the CD halves.  Adhere the "tabs" and use a clothespin to hold the tabs in place.  Apply glue to the last few tabs along the same edge and adhere those tabs to the CD.  Again, use a clothespin to hold the tabs in place.  Allow the glue to adhere for a few minutes and then begin to apply glue to the tabs along the center of the strip.  As you apply the glue to each tab, adhere the tab to the CD.  (Try to use a fast drying glue.  You may have to hold each tab down for a minute for it to adhere well. 

While you allow the glue to dry, place the other CD half along one edge of the green felt.  Trace its shape using your felt tip pen.  Reposition the CD on the felt and trace its shape again.  Repeat with the white felt. Trace 4 halves on the pink felt.  Cut the halves out of each piece of felt.  Be sure to cut inside of the marker lines you've drawn so that your felt pieces do not have any traces of ink.  Also cut a strip of pink felt 1" wide and as long as your length of cardboard.

Turn back to the CD half you were working with earlier.  Glue one of the pink halves to the inside of the CD half.  Also glue the pink strip to the inside of your cardboard length.  Glue another one of the pink halves to the other CD half.  Align this second CD half with the unworked edge of the cardboard length, felt side facing inward.  Apply glue to the first and last tabs and adhere the tabs to the CD as you did before.  When those are affixed, continue to adhere the other tabs.  Allow everything to dry.

When dry, adhere the green halves to the outside of the bag.  Cut a length of green felt that is slightly wider than 1" and 1/2" longer than the length of the cardboard.  Center and glue the strip along the outside edge of the bag.  Trim the corners at each end, turn the ends inward and glue in place.  Use clothespins to hold the glued ends until the glue dries.  Cut 1/4" off of the straight edge of each half of white felt.  Glue each in place to the outside of the bag lining up the straight edges.  Glue the pink halves in place over the white halves, making sure not to overlap the white completely so that some of the white "rind" shows.  Turn the straight edges of the pink felt under and glue in place; use clothespins to hold in place until the glue dries.  While the glue is drying, use the felt tip marker to draw "seeds" on the pink felt on the one side of the bag. 

Mark a spot on the green felt covered cardboard strip, about 1" from one end, centering the spot 1/2" from each edge.  Do the same 1" from the other end.  Bore a hole at each spot, first using your craft knife and then using your wide nail.  Thread each end of your rope through the holes.  (The holes should not be wider than the width of the rope.)  Once you've passed your rope through each hole, tightly knot each end to keep the rope in place.  If you are concerned about the knot coming undone, you might be able to burn the knot to using a match to "seal" the knot.  Be careful not to burn the bag you've just made.

Next, using the half circle you template created from the scrap paper, trace a half circle on the remaining piece of pink felt.  Flip the template and position it 1" apart from the half circle you just drew.  Trace the template.  Draw lines to join the two halves you just drew to create an oblong and cut out the oblong piece.  Align the oblong piece on top of the "seedless" pink half of the bag and glue in place.  The oblong piece will now fold over the open section of the bag to create a flap.  Use your marker to draw seeds on the outside of the oblong piece.  Use a small piece of velcro to create a closure for the flap. 

Viola!  You are done and your little princess has a great new mini-bag to take on summer vacation.  The bag is small and isn't designed to hold alot but it can certainly hold crayons!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Magnet photo frame

For my first blog post of 2011 (sorry for such a long absence!), I'm posting a fairly easy craft project.  I actually completed this project months ago, after wondering what to do with all of those sheet magnets covering my refrigerator.  On the same day, my daughter's school photos arrived home in her backpack.  With that, my idea was born. 

Today's project is a simple magnet photo frame, made from a hotel key card, generic card sized magnet, a small photo and glue!  You'll also need a razor or craft knife, a ruler and a marker.

To get started, measure the photo you will use for your project.  The photo should not be larger than the key card.  Ideally, it should be a bit smaller. 

After measuring the photo, draw a box on the back of the key card, just smaller than the size of your photo.  Use your ruler and marker to draw straight lines.  As you draw, center the box on the back of the key card.  After you've drawn your box, carefully cut the box out of the center of the key card by scoring the lines with your craft knife.  You'll need a very sharp knife.  You'll also need to make several passes before you cut through the plastic.  Use your ruler to keep your score lines straight, at least for the first few passes.  Remove the center once cut out and hold frame aside while you complete the next step. 

Measure a magnet sheet or card and cut so that its dimensions match those of the key card.  You will cover the back of the key card & photo with the magnet. 

Apply glue to the back of your reserved key card frame.  Once glued, carefully center your photo (image side down) over the back of the frame.  When your photo is place, gently add glue to the back of the photo.  Be careful that the photo does not move as you apply the glue.

Then cover the back of the photo and key card with the magnet (magnet side facing up).  Clip card and magnet together until glue is dry.  When the glue is dry, your photo frame is ready to be enjoyed!

Some other easy things to do with magnet cards?  Cover the printed side of the magnet with a thin layer of glue and cover it with a remnant piece of wrapping paper.  Lay a heavy book on the covered magnet so that the paper adheres completely to the magnet while the glue dries.  When the glue is dry, cut the covered magnet into a desired shape.  I used a Sizzix die-cut crafting machine to cut the magnet sheets into letters.  My daughter cut out the letters of her name and embellished the letters with glitter for a special touch.  We use her name letters to hang her art work or school papers on our refrigerator.