Sunday, July 19, 2015

LittlestPetShop Electronic Devices

 Hi, I'm Anna and I am taking over RETROCRAFT!!!
So, for my first post I am making LPS iPhones and an iPad.
If you have a kid who is 6-17 and a girl and collects Littlest Pet Shops, you might want to make this just for her. This craft is an easy craft, so, you can make this with your kid.

You will need :
1.printed pictures of iPads and iPhones 
(front and back),
 2.Card board or a magnet,
 3. Scissors
4. Tacky glue 

Choose the iPhones and iPads that you want and print them.
Tip: Get ones with a cover to make it look cooler .

Next, cut them out. It's ok if you cut off some of it.

Cut your card board or magnet
 the same size as your picture

   Now put on the glue and stick your pictures on. Make sure you don't put the screen on upside down!                                     

And now your done!

WARNING: Don't Get wet!

Thank you !

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