Sunday, March 27, 2011

Magnet photo frame

For my first blog post of 2011 (sorry for such a long absence!), I'm posting a fairly easy craft project.  I actually completed this project months ago, after wondering what to do with all of those sheet magnets covering my refrigerator.  On the same day, my daughter's school photos arrived home in her backpack.  With that, my idea was born. 

Today's project is a simple magnet photo frame, made from a hotel key card, generic card sized magnet, a small photo and glue!  You'll also need a razor or craft knife, a ruler and a marker.

To get started, measure the photo you will use for your project.  The photo should not be larger than the key card.  Ideally, it should be a bit smaller. 

After measuring the photo, draw a box on the back of the key card, just smaller than the size of your photo.  Use your ruler and marker to draw straight lines.  As you draw, center the box on the back of the key card.  After you've drawn your box, carefully cut the box out of the center of the key card by scoring the lines with your craft knife.  You'll need a very sharp knife.  You'll also need to make several passes before you cut through the plastic.  Use your ruler to keep your score lines straight, at least for the first few passes.  Remove the center once cut out and hold frame aside while you complete the next step. 

Measure a magnet sheet or card and cut so that its dimensions match those of the key card.  You will cover the back of the key card & photo with the magnet. 

Apply glue to the back of your reserved key card frame.  Once glued, carefully center your photo (image side down) over the back of the frame.  When your photo is place, gently add glue to the back of the photo.  Be careful that the photo does not move as you apply the glue.

Then cover the back of the photo and key card with the magnet (magnet side facing up).  Clip card and magnet together until glue is dry.  When the glue is dry, your photo frame is ready to be enjoyed!

Some other easy things to do with magnet cards?  Cover the printed side of the magnet with a thin layer of glue and cover it with a remnant piece of wrapping paper.  Lay a heavy book on the covered magnet so that the paper adheres completely to the magnet while the glue dries.  When the glue is dry, cut the covered magnet into a desired shape.  I used a Sizzix die-cut crafting machine to cut the magnet sheets into letters.  My daughter cut out the letters of her name and embellished the letters with glitter for a special touch.  We use her name letters to hang her art work or school papers on our refrigerator. 

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