Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome to Retrocraft!

Welcome to Retrocraft, a blog all about reusing and recycling with a purpose!  You won't find caterpillars made from paper towel rolls here.  There's no point to reuse and recycle if it still winds up in the trash.  My blog is dedicated to sharing great ideas for recycling items into new practical items that you WILL use, gift and share with others. 

My grandmother is my inspiration for starting Retrocraft.  As a retired art teacher from the Philippines, my grandmother shared many innovative ideas with me and my sisters.  Growing up in a rural area with limited access to modern conveniences, my grandmother learned to be creative and resourceful at a young age.  With her ingenuity, she learned to make generic household items - most of which we would discard - into personal keepsakes, storage, gifts and other practical items.  In their new lives, my grandmother's recycled art had a much longer life and a more meaningful purpose. 

My children also inspired me to start this blog.  Passing down traditions is very important in my family.  I was fortunate to learn many things from my parents and grandparents, and I hope to pass on those same things to my son and daughter so that they will, in turn, pass the same on to their children.  As a working mom, I crave activities that make the most of the time I have with my kids.  Even if I can't be with them all day, the time I am with them can be spent sparking their creativity and creating lasting memories. 

If you are a parent like me, I know you'll want to do the same for your own children.  So, I invite you to join me in sharing these ideas, inspiring our kids to think outside the box and teaching them to make the most of those things that this world has to offer.